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So many of us struggle with unhappiness, stress and negative thoughts that weigh us down. 

Life doesn’t have to be like this.

There is a way to overcome stress and anxiety and build resilience. It’s evidence based and provides better emotional health and well- being.

These proven cutting-edge techniques have been studied by researchers and scientists, and include mindfulness, positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy.

They are simple and effective tools and will help you to manage your thoughts, emotions, actions and change your results. Learning to manage your thoughts will help improve your emotional health and well-being, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll begin to feel better.

Joanne King, M.A


We all face difficulties in life, but having a caring therapist can ease the pain of suffering. Joanne helps people with compassion and equanimity providing skills to promote positive growth. 

Ditch The Diet

Tired of diets that don’t work? Ditch the Diet for Life is a program to help people lose weight without the restriction of regular diets. There are no weigh-ins, measuring of food, or counting calories.


Overcoming pain and anxiety, grief and sorrow, mindfulness will take you on the path of compassion and liberation. Learn how to find balance, peace, compassion for self and others, and fulfillment in life.


Each weekly episode begins with background information on the meditation of the day followed by the meditation. Connect with your innate wisdom and begin to live a fuller, more authentic and awakened life.



Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation

Let’s get to know each other. Schedule your complimentary consultation to see if we would be a good match. In our 30-minutes, we will identify the key issues that are weighing you down in life and how I might be able to help. Once I know where you are struggling, I will be able to offer an estimate of how long it might take to work through these issues together and provide you with the skills you need to live a joy filled life. I look forward to meeting you!

“Once you are real, you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always”

– The Velveteen Rabbit


as featured in

How to Know If I Have Coronavirus Anxiety and What To Do About It.

5 signs you may be suffering from coronavirus anxiety and some of the best ways to deal with the stress.

Empower and Breakthrough Your Life in 5-Minutes a Day

Practicing mindfulness for just 5 minutes a day can help you to achieve a grounded, centered approach to life that will increase creativity and productivity.

How to Increase Happiness Through Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is about treating yourself with the same kindness and consideration that you’d show to a close family member or one of your good friends.

How to Bring Love and Kindness Into all Your Relationships in 2020

The benefits of practicing loving-kindness can be enormous and include a feeling of greater well-being, while increasing emotional intelligence, lowering blood pressure and reducing bias towards others.

Powerful and Easy Ways to Transform Unhealthy Core Beliefs

Beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking. Most of us don’t even consciously decide what we are going to believe. Sometimes beliefs can be misinterpretations of past experiences. Many people who’ve suffered abuse think they’re “damaged goods.”

Lost in Thought; How to Focus a Busy Mind

How many times have you gotten “lost in thought”? Your mind is thinking one thought after another and you’re not present to what’s happening in the moment.

Mindfulness, A Better Way to Weight Loss

The definition of Mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment with a sense of curiosity, open heartedness, interest, and nonjudgement.

Health and Food

When driving in unknown territory and using our GPS, we trust it’ll provide information to get us to where we want to go. If the GPS gives us the wrong information, we will end up at a location where we don’t want to be. Similarly, the food we eat provides our bodies with directions and materials for proper cellular functioning. The wrong food choices could send us down the wrong road with respect to our physical and mental health and aging.

Powerful Ways to Unlock Insight and Awareness

You’re in line checking out at the grocery store, and you hear the ladies in front of you talking about a mindfulness class they just attended. They mention how they feel like they shifted into a happier more productive place. You may begin to wonder, “What exactly is mindfulness?”

Mindfulness, at its core, is about focusing one’s attention in a deliberate way inwardly. It’s about learning who we are and our place in today’s world. It’s all about awareness and staying present in the moment curiously and nonjudgmentally. It gives us the ability to live our lives with a sense of clarity of purpose and presence, thus creating a life of greater satisfaction, balance, and well-being.

What if weight loss wasn’t about food?

How many times have you been watching a movie or television show and been so preoccupied, that you look down and you’re at the bottom of the chip bag or the pint of ice cream? It happens in the blink of an eye, but how does that happen?

When our eating becomes largely automatic and mindless, we are eating from a place of emotional or distracted habits. These habits can lull us into making mindless food choices and overeating.

2018 – The Year You Become Your Own Heroine

The Dalai Lama tells us, “The point of life is happiness”. Make 2018 the year of empowerment and happiness for yourself. The year where you make a commitment to improve your life, by taking back your power. It’s time to begin to live the life you were meant to love. When we talk about power, we aren’t talking about a force to get your way; nor are we talking about money, status, possessions or force. Personal power is based in your confidence, strength and feelings of competence. When one has personal power they strive for satisfaction and meaning in their life, self-assertion and a desire for healthy, loving relationships. In 2017 you may have faced many challenges, and dark times. You may have found yourself asking, “How did I get here”? Let 2018 be the year you empower yourself to live the life you have always dreamed of; the life you were meant to love.

Detox and Heal Your Mind Through Meditation

Knowing that the mind and body are interconnected we can begin to learn and understand how to heal mentally and physically through meditation. We are always under the influence of our emotions and thoughts, and when we begin to still the mind we can begin to heal. It is through the stillness of the mind where we can find peace and healing energy.

HELP! I Want to Meditate, But I Don’t Have Any Time

Yesterday I got a call from a client who told me, “Help! I want to meditate, but I don’t have time”. With our busy lives filled with things to do from the moment we open our eyes to the moment we close them, it’s hard to figure out when to have time to meditate.

Stepping Out of Autopilot

In our exercise-obsessed world, we work on our bodies without ever giving a thought to exercising our mind. But what if I told you there was a way to strengthen your mind, and have the ability to skillfully know where to focus your attention, while losing your preoccupation with negative thoughts and living in autopilot mode?In our exercise-obsessed world, we work on our bodies without ever giving a thought to exercising our mind. But what if I told you there was a way to strengthen your mind, and have the ability to skillfully know where to focus your attention, while losing your preoccupation with negative thoughts and living in autopilot mode?

Shinrin-Yoku – Forest Bathing

Mindfulness comes to us in many forms, and having the opportunity to combine it with shinrin-yoku is one of the most luxurious things you can do for yourself. Shinrin-Yoku is the ancient art of forest bathing. It’s not just “a walk in the park”, it’s a sensory perception experience focused on seeing, hearing and smelling. The participant deliberately immerses himself or herself with nature. In Japanese medicine shinrin-yoku plays an important part in preventative medicine and healing.

If you are looking for: 


    • A path towards mindfulness 

    • Reducing stress and anxiety while increasing a sense of well-being

    • Tools and skills to create a life of joy

    • Weight loss and a healthier lifestyle

Then you have arrived.

It’s time to honor your spirit and fill your life with GRACE, let me show you the way…


Steve Olsher, America's Reinvention Expert & Author

Joanne’s clients call her the guru of mindfulness. She is a master at expertly explaining how we can take the concepts of mindfulness and apply it in our lives. Whether it’s to lose weight, control depression, anxiety, or stress, her knowledge, and support will help you. Her weight loss model allows clients to develop deep mental strength and power, which facilitates weight loss and a greater sense of well-being. Joanne’s compassionate and non-judgmental nature helps her clients to move forward more confidently and comfortably in a positive direction. She’s the best!

Kim S., Business & Marketing Automation Mentor

I didn’t realize how much I was mindlessly eating until Joanne opened my eyes.The past eight weeks have been life-changing! I lost 10 pounds easily because, unlike before, I am mindful about almost every bite I take, and I have stopped feeling guilty about the food I eat. I now not only savor my food but I’m more aware of how I live my life in general. I would definitely recommend this course for others.

Thank you, Joanne!





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