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012: Discover Your Ancestral Mother Power with Nada Hogan

Our guest, Nada Hogan, never imagined this would happen to her. The loss was indescribable but she was able to face the world boldly again by tapping into her own power. It’s possible to navigate through the immeasurable pain of a loss and the key is only available within each individual. Join in as Nada shares a guided meditation that can help you discover your own power and find your way again.

011: Transform Your Life In An Instant Through Mindfulness with Bruce Langford

The anxious mind is anything but happy. This world is demanding too much that humans tend to forget how to live in the moment. Happiness passes by in a heartbeat but there’s a way out from all of these. Practicing mindfulness can bring anyone back to the present and provides the ability to let go of everything that blocks happiness. Join in to today’s podcast and benefit from the wisdom and guided meditation shared by our guest, Bruce Langford. It’s possible to shift from anxiety to blissfulness in an instant. Spare a few minutes to experience it for yourself.

010: Getting the Real Essence of Mindfulness with Devon Hase

Mindfulness is beyond superficial breathing exercises and yoga mats. As hinted by the words above, mindfulness isn’t about perfection. Let’s get to the bottomline of mindfulness as Joanne and Devon talks about the myth that surround meditation and what really is involved in getting to genuine mindfulness.

009: Breathing and Mindfulness with Jessica Brazil

On this podcast, Jessica talks to Joanne about how it all started and what her gift to the world is. Take some time to sit and meditate with her as she guides you through her Peaceful Heart Meditation practice as well.

008: The RAIN Mindfulness Exercise

In this episode, Joanne discusses the RAIN mindfulness exercise and how it can be a benefit to you and so much more. Tune in!

001: Welcome to 10-Minute Mindful Moment!   Welcome to the 10-Minute Mindful Moment podcast! It’s all about slowing down in our fast-paced world and taking 10 minutes to reconnect with yourself and the...

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Be A 10-Minute Mindful Moment Guest!

We are looking for experts in meditation including mindfulness, vipassana, transcendental meditation, Zen, Kundalini and breath awareness meditation. If you would LOVE to deliver your message to the world, and are passionate about what you do, you’d be a great guest. If you have meditations that you would like to share and consider yourself well-spoken please click the link below. 

Great candidates include meditation experts, teacher’s, yogi’s or professional speakers with experience, and of course those with magical powers.