Nina Bhatty, M.Ed

I had the pleasure of spending 5 days in retreat with Joanne in the healing nature of beautiful Maui, Hawai’i. Her gentle and professional guidance was rooted in wisdom, compassion, love and flexibility with such presence, which allowed me to unpack some deep clouded layers that were getting in the way of living from my true nature – like joy, ease, self-compassion, and be-ing in balance with do-ing, to name a few. 

Our daily practices of yoga, mindful meditation, deep dialogue, reflection and journaling led me back to more clarity & insight, empowered self-compassion and an expansion of the heart-mind space. 

I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone committed to reclaiming their inner truth, balance, power, compassion, wisdom and love join Joanne for a 1:1 and/or small group retreat. For me, being in retreat is a gift to give back to my soul. As Rumi says, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” So, whether a seasoned or novice awakening traveler, it’s essential to get still, face our suffering, and then commit to doing the most important work we will ever do—one breath at a time—toward inner freedom from suffering. I am so grateful to Joanne for our time of experiential learning together and look forward to going back to retreat with her again soon! 

Steve Olsher, America's Reinvention Expert & Author

Joanne’s clients call her the guru of mindfulness. She is a master at expertly explaining how we can take the concepts of mindfulness and apply it in our lives. Whether it’s to lose weight, control depression, anxiety, or stress, her knowledge, and support will help you. Her weight loss model allows clients to develop deep mental strength and power, which facilitates weight loss and a greater sense of well-being. Joanne’s compassionate and non-judgmental nature helps her clients to move forward more confidently and comfortably in a positive direction. She’s the best!


The Ditch the Diet program has completely shifted my view of food. I was not eating mindfully and gave in to all my food cravings. I can now say that I eat with intention, and if I do have a craving, I can move past it when I think about why I want the food and the long-term effects on my health and wellness. Joanne is very approachable and supportive and goes above and beyond to help you figure out how food should be integrated into Megan J. ur life.

Megan J.

Ditch the Diet is a life-changing practice in mindfulness, self-care, and self-love! It is such a comprehensive program; delving into nutrition, mindfulness, and world-view with Joanne is the ultimate lifestyle overhaul. I came into this program with an emotional reliance on food and a lot beliefs that were not serving me, and through the 8-course sessions I broke down those mental barriers and built up a much healthier lifestyle for myself. Not only that, but it woke me up to beautiful new experiences with food and mindful movement that I wouldn’t have appreciated nearly as much otherwise. The program has changed the way I think about the food I eat, and the impact that sustenance has on my body, my mind, and the world around me. I could not have come to these realizations without Joanne. She is such a shining ray of light, and I always feel refreshed and empowered after our discussions. She is a joy to work with; inspiring, uplifting, knowledgeable, and so much fun. I cannot say enough good things about Joanne and her program – spend eight weeks working with her and she will help you change your life. I am so excited to continue this journey long after the program has ended.

Kim S., Business & Marketing Automation Mentor

I didn’t realize how much I was mindlessly eating until Joanne opened my eyes.The past eight weeks have been life-changing! I lost 10 pounds easily because, unlike before, I am mindful about almost every bite I take, and I have stopped feeling guilty about the food I eat. I now not only savor my food but I’m more aware of how I live my life in general. I would definitely recommend this course for others.

Thank you, Joanne!

Jo E.

Joanne is amazing. She goes above and beyond helping you. She fit me in when I really needed help, comforts me, is always available, and supports you to live your best life as the best you. Through teaching me gratitude, presence, balance, appreciation, and positivity I can’t thank her enough. ❤️

Terri H.

I thought I’d be learning all about nutrition and how to lose weight. I quickly realized that it encompasses much more than just food; it’s about your life and your whole being; it’s about self-care and loving yourself.

Joanne’s passion and belief in what she does, helped me look at not only food but my life more mindfully. She is passionate about what she does because she has walked through it in her own life. You will feel right at home with Joanne, she radiates love and cares about you and your success in the program. 

I now look at my food before I eat it and think about what it’s going to do for me nutritionally. I have been eating whole and organic for years, but I was just eating and not thinking about it, and pretty soon, I was overeating and stuffing my feelings. 

In today’s world, we’re told so many different things about diet, don’t eat fruit, don’t eat carbs, eat more protein or less and on and on. 

Joanne teaches you to be mindful of what you are eating and not to feel guilty if you eat something that is not healthy, to always think about what you are putting in your body, and to look at your food and be thankful for it. Before you know it, you are eating whole, healthy foods in a whole new way, and the best part is that you start to lose weight.

I encourage everyone to do this program; it has changed my life. I would tell you more, but there is just so much more, and you need to take the class to understand what I’m talking about.




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