“Mindfulness is so much more about … allowing things to be just as they are… that things are okay even if they feel not quite perfect.”


Aloha! Meet our guest, Devon Hase, a Meditation Teacher, Coach, Yoga Instructor and an English Instructor at Madison Area Technical College. Primarily influenced by her father, Devon cultivated her appreciation of the practicality of meditation at an early age. As she was growing up, she was pressed with the idea of perfectionism and achievements. Pin your ears back as she shares what diverted her back to her passion.

Mindfulness is beyond superficial breathing exercises and yoga mats. As hinted by the words above, mindfulness isn’t about perfection. Let’s get to the bottomline of mindfulness as Joanne and Devon talks about the myth that surround meditation and what really is involved in getting to genuine mindfulness.


Episode Highlights:

03:29 The Myths About Meditation
04:25 Finding My Center
06:37 To the Younger Me
08:11 Meditation Session with Devon
12:57 Mindfulness- More Than Meditation



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Inspirational Quotes:

“It’s important to understand that meditation isn’t so much about getting into some transcendent, blissful experience, but more about relating skilfully to whatever’s happening in our mind.”


“Mindfulness is so much more about … allowing things to be just as they are, allowing myself to be imperfect and messy sometimes. And that the freedom and happiness comes really in that kind of attitude about being with this, just this as it is, that things are okay, even if they feel not quite perfect.”


“There’s no special way to breathe, just a simple and natural process. And by settling the attention, you can help calm the mind, calm the body.”


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