How many times have you got caught up in the drama and story of your life?

Are you judging situations as good or bad and making decisions based on fear or insecurity?

Life Can Be Challenging At Times

Most of us can relate to having challenges managing our emotions, coping with stress, relationship issues or using substances to cope with life’s difficulties.

If you are feeling stuck or are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, or are experiencing unhealthy coping habits of substance abuse, self-harm or feelings of helplessness.

Know That There Is Hope

While we can’t change the past or your genetics, I can work with you to develop a plan to change and move forward to a better feeling place through learning to respond and not react to events or triggers in our lives.

Help In a Safe, Nonjudgmental Environment

Providing counseling for people, I provide a safe and nonjudgmental environment that facilitates healing work.

I work as a guide exploring barriers in your life that are holding you back. Using evidence-based tools and therapeutic support, I will help you to work towards achieving your goals.

I help people to understand themselves and the issues they face in life with equanimity and compassion.

In my practice, I work from a holistic point of view taking into consideration the whole person, and not just their parts. It’s an integrated approach that addresses psychological wellness by connecting and promoting the health of the mind, body and spirit.

The Mind, Body, Spirit

Ultimately looking at the mind, body and spirit as one, I’m able to provide a fuller and more successful approach to psychotherapy.


Jo E.

Joanne is amazing. She goes above and beyond helping you. She fit me in when I really needed help, comforts me, is always available, and supports you to live your best life as the best you. Through teaching me gratitude, presence, balance, appreciation, and positivity I can’t thank her enough. ❤️


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