Too Good to Go, Too Bad to Stay

Get your copy of the book that is changing women’s lives all over the globe. Too Good To Go, Too Bad To Stay is a simple, comprehensive book that offers you a 5-step plan to help you heal from a toxic relationship, and know if you should stay or go. You will discover simple ways to create healthy, loving relationships, and become inspired to embrace your purpose and journey.

Through cultivating self-awareness, gratitude, and self-compassion, you will learn to live life with purpose and intent by bringing more joy, fun, and happiness into your daily life. Through stories and exercises, you will gain an understanding of how to live your best life ever.


Joanne was the voice of reason for me when I had stayed too long in a place of sadness. She reminded me to pause, breathe and know that all is well. I’ve been blessed to have one-on-one sessions with Joanne in the comfort of her very sacred space and her softness, empathy and heartfelt kindness resonates as a soul-reminder that there is love and connection for all of us. The dark cloud I’d been under has passed and the sun has come out again for me, most days, and it has been with Joanne’s help, where for 2 years I was quite without hope. I am grateful and I have already recommended her to other friends for support as she is so genuine in her care. I have trusted and appreciated her authenticity. Joanne has shown herself as a very safe place for me in my time of turmoil and heartache. I wish the same blessing for you!

-Katy Foxwell

Too Good To Go, Too Bad To Stay,” is amazing guidance through the sometimes tangled webs of relationships that have gone toxic. As an Integrative Wellness Catalyst, I tell my clients all the time that life is full of struggles but the suffering is optional. Furthermore, we are “weighed” more by our attitude during the test, not just that we “made it through.” Joanne’s Transformation through GRACE method is precisely the recipe needed to transcend through the muck and mire of toxicity while “gracefully” retaining your composure and authentic self



Meet Joanne King

Joanne King is an empowerment coach and psychotherapist who went from feeling trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship to living her dream life as an independent, happy woman on the beautiful island of Maui. She is the creator of the GRACE Method and queen of the Mindful Movement philosophy. When she is not teaching other women how to empower and connect with their authentic selves, she is meditating, doing yoga, or hiking on the beach with her furry four-legged companion.