001: Welcome to 10-Minute Mindful Moment!

by Joanne King | Minfulness Podcast

Welcome to the 10-Minute Mindful Moment podcast! It’s all about
slowing down in our fast-paced world and taking 10 minutes to reconnect with
yourself and the present moment to better go through your day with an increased
self-awareness and less stress. Joanne talks about what you will be able to
expect on the podcast. We learn what mindfulness is and what it allows you to
do. Take a moment to meditate with us and reconnect.

“My goal is to help you
develop a strong foundation of mindfulness. By cultivating this quality in
yourself, you’ll reduce your stress level and be able to wisely respond when a
stressful situation occurs.”

Connect with Joanne King:
Website: JoanneKingCounseling.com
Email: Joanne@JoanneKingCounseling.com
Book: Too Good to Go, Too Bad to Stay

Notes by Podcastologist/Show Producer: Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie

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Mahalo to Peter Kater, a true muscial genius who shares his music with us on The 10-Minute Mindful Moment. Peter is a multi-grammy winning artist whose work has been showcased worldwide and with many different artists. To learn more about Peter please visit PeterKater.com